2012 Reviews

It’s a great system and very useful. You are all extremely professional. Frankly, the value of your services far exceeds the price you charge!

Paul Thompson
Green Meets Clean
Roanoke VA

CleanBid has reduced the time I spend preparing documents!

Linda Lawson
LRL Commercial Cleaning Inc.
Chesterfield, MO

CleanBid is easier to use… than the program I used in the past!

Ronald Carr
Carr Janitorial Services
Langorne, PA

CleanBid showed me how to finally calculate bids after struggling for years to compete!

Marlene Owen
Clean Like Mew, LLC
Norwich, CT

CleanBid is easy – and does the job!!

Jason Ochrach
Progressive Choices Inc
Las Vegas, NV

CleanBid has created a level of self assurance when bidding for accounts that I would normally be perplexed about and feel unable to compete with other (larger) services.

Nathaniel Altenor
Nathan Altenor’s Janitorial Services, Inc.
Pottstown, PA

CleanBid helps me check when people try to underbid or overbid us. It’s a must tool for your company!

I started with a franchise. They ripped me off because I let them do the work.

Eric Batch
Batch of Bubbles Cleaning Services
West Mifflin, PA

CleanBid is great for quick job costing!

Jim Nostrant
Stanwood, MI

Simple and easy to use!

Mike Safy
AllCity Cleaning Service, Inc.
Brooklyn, NY

CleanBid proposals are to the point!

Angel Padilla
E&G Five Star Cleaning Corp
Hialeah, FL

A lot of information, practical usable knowledge!

Jiri Zakopal
Xcellent Cleaning Inc.
Naperville, IL

A great tool for comparing with a “gut check” estimate!

Mark Daly
Dalys Cleaning
Jacksonville, OR

Since I have signed-on with Clean Guru – I landed a final clean contract the first week! It works well for me and my business. I can see us growing in this business using this program!

Calvin Harris
Faith Janitorial LLC
Reynoldsburg, OH

CleanBid has helped me gain some accounts with its professional approach & looks!

Mario Vallejo
Crystal-Clean Services
Victoria, TX

We got our first customer using CleanBid – it made our presentation very professional!

Gilbert Gonzales
Phoenix, AZ

Quickly and accurately generates cleaning proposals!

Marcella Randall
Moriah Corporation
Melbourne, FL

CleanBid has streamlined the process – and I no longer need to wait on support staff to finish proposals!

Cliff Lanning
Building Maintenance Corp.
Grand Rapids, MI

CleanBid is the best company! Everyone should be using it for the most professional quotes on bidding cleaning jobs as far as I am concerned. Thank you for always being there for me!

Ricky J. Lopez
Rando Cleaning Services Inc.
Sarasota, FL

The professional look of the CleanBid proposals has been a great asset to our desire of having the most professional look and work in our industry. Customers notice it – and it helps us to close deals against other companies!

Andrew Myer
Palm Cleaning
Brookings, OR

CleanBid has saved me time and overall hardship with creating bids!

Curtis Fleming
Executive Commercial Cleaning LLC
Wauwatosa, WI

CleanBid helps make a professional looking proposal that can be tailored to fit one’s individual needs!

Chad Sandusky
Modern Cleaning Solutions
Sautee, GA

CleanBid has improved my agreements in a professional way!

Alex Alvarado
Geralex, Inc.
Chicago, IL

Cleanbid.net is an excellent way to bid all of your cleaning projects! I really do mean this. I cannot represent or speak highly of something I do not believe in. This is a great service for those just getting started in the business and long term veterans in the business. I wish I had known about this service when I first got started!

Patricia A. Cordova
Small Business Services
Memphis, TN

This program is very easy to use and looks professional!

Laura Craycraft
Maid 4 You
Monroe, OH

CleanBid provides me with professional quotes in minutes and helps me save time!!

Sushil Ayri
Clean Edmonton Inc
Edmonton, Alberta

The proposals were great – professional looking bids in a very short time!

Eric Luke
School & Commercial Janitorial
Rancho Murieta, CA

I started a new company and I was struggling to figure out how to accurately bid the opportunities I was pursuing. CleanBid helped me take the guess work out of my bidding process!

Greg Doke
CCS of Tulsa
Jenks, OK

The 3 things I like best about CleanBid are 1) It’s a systematic, consistent approach to bidding jobs. I find myself not missing any details. 2) The professional report I produce makes me stand out above my competitors. 3) I have an archived copy of all bids to look back on when questions come up.

Glenn Cray
NAC Commercial Cleaning Company
Epping, NH

We’ve decided to ramp up post-construction to our business and your program has made it easy and professional to do so!

Kim Campbell
Servpro of East Fort Worth
Everman, TX

CleanBid has made bidding for my business very easy! I really appreciate the attention to detail you provide for real world use. You continue to provide much needed updates at the right time. Thanks so much!

Theresa Sandoval
Sandoval’s Janitorial & Floor Care
Bakersfield, CA

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