Here are a just a few of the sample janitorial inspection forms you’ll get preloaded and ready to use in CleanQC, with area names specifically customized for the kinds of buildings you clean.

Simply pick from a detailed list of building types and automatically get an inspection layout pre-set with areas and items-to-check appropriate for the facility you’re checking.

You’ll be able to inspect as many rooms as you want in each area and the area score and building score will automatically update.

This janitorial quality control app takes the time-consuming hassle out of inspection set-up, and makes inspecting a breeze.

Try CleanQC by taking advantage of our 30-day FREE trial.

Office Cleaning Inspection Sample Office Cleaning Checklist - view the cleaning inspection checklist for office cleaning jobs; the demo shows areas and items to check for an office building

Church Cleaning Inspection Sample Church Cleaning Checklist - in this short demo, see the detailed list of customized areas and items to inspect in this checklist for church cleaning

Manufacturing Cleaning Inspection SampleManufacturing Cleaning Checklist - review demo showing the manufacturing inspection checklist of areas and items to review created for manufacturing facilities

Medical Cleaning Inspection Sample Medical Cleaning Checklist - watch short demo of our custom inspection list of areas and items to check in health care, medical facilities

School Cleaning Inspection Sample School Cleaning Checklist - this short demo provides a useful list of areas and items to check for educational facilities, school cleaning

Auto Dealer Cleaning Inspection Sample Auto Dealer Cleaning Checklist - explore short demo of areas and ‘items to check’ in the inspection checklist for auto dealerships

Bank Cleaning Inspection Sample Bank Cleaning Checklist - review demo showing full list of areas and items to inspect in this cleaning checklist for bank cleaning

Day Care Cleaning Inspection Sample Day Care Cleaning Checklist - see demo of detailed cleaning inspection list designed just for day care facility cleaning

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