When Is The Best Time To Raise Prices In YOUR Cleaning Business?

We get this question a lot – WHEN is the best time to for your janitorial business or maid service to RAISE prices?

Well, the short answer, of course, may be something like – when the customer will happily accept it – without a fuss.


Sure, sounds simple, but when in the world will that ever happen?

‘Not in my lifetime’, you might think. Well, maybe. Maybe not. Here’s an insider tip to successfully raising prices:

It’s called TIMING. That’s right, timing.

Specifically, whenever possible, try to put through a justified price increase – when your cleaning business customer really

‘loves’ you and your current staff.

Well, ‘love’ may be too strong a word. So, how about – is exceptionally happy with – pleased, really likes, you know, is very satisfied with? You get the idea.

Why? What on earth does THAT have to do with a price increase?

Well, in running our own commercial cleaning company, even when we put through a very small and very overdue, price increase, IF our customer was NOT happy with our current cleaner associates for any reason, the increase had about as much chance as a well, a ‘snowball’s chance in you know where’!


Well, because the truth is PEOPLE make the decisions -real “flesh and blood” people; emotional people, not machines.

And when your contact – the building owner or property manager you work with, thinks about whether to approve your increase, or not – he or she is affected by things like —- whether or not they and their staff LIKE your current cleaning staff.

So, how do you know if you have that kind of highly-appreciated employee on your staff?

You know the signs, they’re the ones that get the pats on the back, the thank you’s, the holiday hams – and maybe, are even invited to the company picnics.

Well, when a company likes the cleaning they are getting AND has ‘that kind’ of a loyal relationship with your cleaner(s) – getting reasonable and justified price increase approved isn’t too tough!

Heck, we’ve had buildings where the justified price increase ‘sailed through’ – where, while we were certainly providing qood cleaning, but the cleaning associate currently assigned to the account, was, to be fair, not ‘the cream of the crop’.

And, I’ve got to believe the fact that the customer trusted our cleaning associate and considered them to be a part of the ‘team’ and ‘friend’, played some part in explaining why the increase went through without much resistance.

We understood it likely was not the cleaning alone that produced this kind of loyalty.

It was the person.

Let’s be clear, I am NOT suggesting any cleaning business or maid service owner ever take advantage of any client by putting through an unfairly large increase, nor an increase where one is not justified, simply because you know they ‘love’ your cleaner.

Not at all.

But where an increase is called for, knowing if the company has very positive feelings about you and your cleaning associate(s) can be one important thing to consider ahead of time.

You Can Do This, You Really Can!


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